Independent Living Program...

The purpose of Pentz Run Youth Services independent Living Program is to help youth make a smooth transition into adulthood.  The program is community based and will encompass all aspects of independent living.  Independent Living services within the community in Jefferson, Cameron, Elk, and Clarion Counties.

All Counties

Contact Information:
Jefferson County: Pam Meterko, 814-541-0439
Clarion County: Mary Smith, 814-541-2448
Cameron County: Jason Hamaker, 814-590-2246
Elk County: Jason Hamaker, 814-590-2246

The long-term goal for Independent Living is that youth learn the life skills necessary to interact appropriately and productively in the community. 


The short-term goals are determined by an assessment that will be completed with the youth, Caseworker/Probation Officer, Caregiver, Independent Living Staff and anyone else who may be involved with the youth and/or wishes to participate.


Individual service Plans will be written for each youth focusing on their specific needs.  Contact dates and times will be recorded with a written progress report following each visit.  The progress reports will be sent to the Caseworker/Probation Officer on a monthly basis.


Referrals will be made by CYS Caseworkers/Probation Officers to the Independent Living Program Coordinator.  The IL Program Coordinator will then be responsible to contact the youth and anyone else who would like to be present at the assessment and schedule a time that is convenient for all involved.


Independent Living services are available to all youth who are in or have been in out-of-home placement on or after the age of 16 but who are not yet 21 at the beginning of the state fiscal year; have been adjudicated dependent; or have been dually adjudicated dependent and delinquent; or have been adjudicated delinquent with shared case management responsibility between the CCYA and the Juvenile Probation Office.



County Caseworkers refer youth who are between the ages of 16-21, are in or have been in out of home placement on or after age 16, have been adjudicated dependent or dependent and delinquent with shared case management between Children and Youth and Juvenile Probation.  Referrals will be made on a priority basis giving those who are most likely to remain in care until the age of 18 and those who have aged out of foster care but are not yet 21, highest priority.


Once youth are identified by the Caseworker/Probation Officer, they will complete an intake application with the youth.  The application will be sent to Independent Living Program Coordinator for authorization.


Once the application is accepted, the IL Program Coordinator will contact the youth, family and Caseworker/Probation Officer to set up an interview.  During the interview process all aspects of the IL program will be explained to the youth including services provided and stipend policy.  Also at this time, all relevant consents and stipend policy agreement will be signed.


The IL Program Coordinator will meet with the youth again to administer the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment and oral assessment.  The next meeting will consist of the IL Program Coordinator and the Direct Service Staff.  At this time results of the assessments and IL Plan will be discussed. 


If the youth is placed out of county or in a facility that does not permit outside agencies to work with their residents the assessment can be done electronically or through mail correspondence.  IL staff can begin working on a treatment plan and youth participate by phone and/or mail until they are in a location that is conducive to more intensive services.